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• 1/13/2016

DNA Cannisters

I am getting frustrated not being able to get answers for what they do. It has been weeks since i have been trying to figure out what they do but no luck, people in the global chat are useless and toxic which is starting to make this game very unlikeable. Please get information on the DNA cannisters ASAP.
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• 6/30/2015

Defenses Table

A new table has been added to the Category:Defenses page so that players can now see details of Defenses in a comparative fashion. The table pulls data from all pages tagged to the Defenses category automatically, so it doesn't need to be maintained manually.
Now all we need is for folks to start creating pages for Defenses that they have. If you have a Defense in Your City that the Wiki doesn't have a page for, please go to Create a New Page and create a page for your Defense.
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• 6/9/2015


I've stated to add some of the Buildings in the game to the Wiki.
FMF has been an utter champ and has created a dynamic table for us on the Defenses page. What this means is that as Defenses are added to the Wiki, this table will AUTOMATICALLY update to list all Buildings. So long as they have the Building Infobox Template on their page, the table on the Defenses page will pull the data contained in the Infobox.
There are lots of Buildings in the game, so please help the Wiki out by helping us add pages for each Building. If you have a Building that doesn't have a page, go to Create a New Page and put the name of the Building in the "Buildings" section and you will be taken to a new page with a template. From there, all you will need to do is to add the content/data for your Building.
Don't worry about the images, Pashlik is in the process of uploading a heap of images to the Wiki. Once the Blueprints for each Building have been uploaded, they will be automatically picked up by the Building Templates.
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• 6/9/2015

Monster Statistics

There should be a simple reference page, comparing monster statistics between the three different classes for the same level:
Nuke, Tank, Support
I see a lot of the groundwork has already been done, but it's something that a lot of people should just be able to walk into the wiki and see. Maybe I'll end up making some guides for the game in order to help players out a little bit to try to gain focus. Doubtful though!
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• 6/30/2015

New Monster Images

Pashlik has been an utter champion and has been adding clean versions (pngs) of all the Monsters. The Template:Infobox Monster has been updated to pull these new images automatically.
Please have patience if you encounter a Monster page that is missing images while we transition to this new format.
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• 5/21/2015

I Need Help Editing

This thread is created for people to ask for help editing the Wiki. Regular users should "Follow" this post so that they will be notified when there is a comment posted below so that we can assist people as quickly as possible.
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• 5/16/2015

Rewards Template

FMF has been working on a Template for us to use that will graphically display the possible rewards for defeating Bosses and the like.
In order for this template to work, we need to get a bunch of images uploaded to the wiki. Namely;

Icons for Blueprints for as many buildings as we can (the big versions which appear when we tap on the icon after win them as a reward for defeating a Boss or Rival
Icons for all the Monsters - this is a bit more fiddly and should be done by people with access to Photoshop. It is a combination of the icons as they appear when selecting monsters, combined with the icons that appear when we gain the Monster from the Monsters Bundle

Other Icons that we need and have already include:
Have I missed anything?
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• 5/16/2015

Game Updates

I've created a page for Game Updates. Every time there is an update to the game, the Wiki should document what changes.
There may also be undocumented changes. Please list them on this page if you find out about one.
I've also created a new page for Leagues. Please help me add the Medal Requirements for each League.
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• 5/12/2015

Monster Pages

I've been playing around with the data that is available on our Monster pages. My thought is that people may want to look at the various types of Monsters and compare their abilities side by side.
I've started playing around with this idea on the Category:Mogu page. Please take a look and post any ideas/suggestions/thoughts below.
: )
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• 5/12/2015

New Forum for the Wiki

This Wiki now has a Forum, which means that we now have a place for all Wiki Contributors to discuss how information is displayed in the Wiki, regardless of which Faction and/or timezone we're in.
This also means that Announcements can be made to all contributors by "highlighting" a post in the forum. This will be used to draw attention to new features that are added to the Wiki.
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