Should you wish to change your Username for this Wiki, you will need to submit your request to Wikia's Tech Support via Special:Contact.

It is really important that when you tell them what you want your new Username to be, that you ensure that there are no typos and that uppercase and lowercases are correct as what you submit will be exactlly how your new Username will appear (Wikia Staff are not mind readers and will not be able to know if you meant something else).

Please keep in mind, that usernames cannot begin with a lowercase letter.

Rename Account

Simply enter in your desired new name, and check off both boxes to indicate that you have confirmed that the spelling and punctuation for your new name is correct and that you have read this help page on renaming your account. If your request is approved, a Wikia Staff member will email you to let you know and inform you once your account is renamed.

While the rename process is running, you cannot edit on Wikia (and thus will see a message informing you that you are blocked). Please note, If you have thousands of edits or you have edited across various wikias, the rename can take up to several hours or even a day.

A rename by staff will move all your contributions on all Wikia wikis and attribute them to your new Username. You will keep any Badges you may have earned as well as your rank on this Wiki's Leaderboad. Your Profile page on all Wikia Wikis will also be renamed.

Your password, email account and preferences will remain the same. Existing signatures in old posts however are not changed, so you will need to edit affected pages manually if you want to change these.