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Alpha Crystals

Reward's from rival battles, daily events, league rewards & Faction missions, Now also avliable to purchase in a Power Pack Bundle. Accumulated to spin for Gold/Dark Matter Blobs.


Demigod Anubis 2


A Support Monster based on the Egyptian God, Anubis.


A Thinking Ape; The company that Develops SMASH Monsters.


The Icon players select to represent their character in the game.


"A Wiki Contributor"; A contributor that hasn't logged into their account (or hasn't made an account). At least half of them are Wiki Vandals, while others are helpful people that are too lazy to make an account. Some people think that making a contribution as an AWC helps them to remain anonymous, but in reality contributors have less privacy/anonymity as an AWC than as a logged in Contributor, because all AWCs are identified by their IP address (which tells people where you live and which ISP you are using).

In order to comply with Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), this Wiki has disabled contributions from AWCs. You must Create an Account with Wikia and be logged in to contribute to this Wiki.