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The following guidelines should be adhreed to when uploading an image to this Wiki.

It is important that everyone adhere to the same system so that there will be uniformity in our contributions. 

Name Your Image

The default name of a screenshot taken with an iPad or iPhone is


Please do not upload an image with the default name. Please rename it to something that helps identify what it is. This will allow other people who search for existing images to find yours and to use that, rather than the Wiki hitting its image limit due to duplicate images.

Crop Your Image

Please crop all images appropriately prior to uploading them.

If you have access to Photoshop, please edit the image into a transparency if you can, otherwise a cropped image with whatever is in the background will be fine.

Blur Usernames

Please ensure than any/all Usernames are removed from all images unless it is your username and you're happy for it to be included.


Building Images should be named accordingly:

  • Building Name Blueprints.png - Taken from the pop-up window when you win the Blueprints and/or when you upgrade the building after it has been built
  • Building Name Plate 1.png - Taken from the Build UI prior purchase
  • Building Name Slate.png - Taken in the bottom left corner of your city after you have built it
  • Building Name District.jpg - Taken while the Building is in the bottom corner of a (preferably empty) District

Images should have the background removed and uploaded as transparent PNG files, except for the City Image, which should be a JPG file.

For example, the Grimalkins HQ I images are named thus:


All Monster Images are in the process of being added to the Wiki. There are (as of May 2015) 5 images for each monster. Two Images are used by each Rarity Monster...

  • Silver Monsters = Monster Element 1.png & Monster Element 2.png
  • Gold Monsters = Monster Element 2.png & Monster Element 3.png
  • Platinum Monsters = Monster Element 3.png & Monster Element 4.png
  • Legendary Monsters = Monster Element 4.png & Monster Element 5.png

Monster Icons

These icons appear at the bottom of the screen while you are selecting which monsters you wish to add to your Squad. Like the Monster images (above), there are 5 Icons for each Monster, and each Rarity of Monster uses two icons...

  • Silver Monsters = Monster Element 1 Icon.png & Monster Element 2 Icon.png
  • Gold Monsters = Monster Element 2 Icon.png & Monster Element 3 Icon.png
  • Platinum Monsters = Monster Element 3 Icon.png & Monster Element 4 Icon.png
  • Legendary Monsters = Monster Element 4 Icon.png & Monster Element 5 Icon.png


Skill images are shared across monsters by color. In other words, Uncommon, Rare, and Platinum Poison Mogus will all use the same images for their skills. This is why the missing skill images are identified by color rather than by a specific monster.

How to Take a Screenshot

To take a screenshot, hold down the Home button and the On/Off button at the same time. You will see the screen flash and you should hear the sound you hear when you take a picture with your iDevice's camera. The image will now be in your Photos, and will download to your computer the next time you sync your device (depending on what settings you have).

Trouble Uploading an Image?

Contact Helstroth with any screenshots you can provide and he will crop the image and upload it.